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Metaforikos Co.Ltd operates in public transports in Greece since 1987. The company is based in Ioannina, Epirus in own facilities. There are also two branches operating in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The company owns new vehicles capable of carrying out fast and with credibility the most demanding transportations of dry cargo from and to Ioannina, Thessaloniki, Athens and other destinations in Greece.

The Logistics services provided in our 8.500 m2 facilities in Ioannina, span from storing large cargo in the open to fragile cargo inside the sheltered premises.

Following continuous ‘on-the-job’ training our qualified staff is ready to meet your professional needs. Furthermore, the use of ERP systems ensures, among others, full tracking of your dispatches and also the prompt payment to the payee for cash on delivery dispatches.

The company undertakes to provide our customers with quality services and ensure each shipment is carried out with credibility within minimum cost and time.

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Daily transports to Ioannina, Athens and Thessaloniki

Connecting services with partners around Greece

Dry cargo Logistics

Cargo handling and related operations

Loading from the customer’s facilities

Fragile cargo transportation

Special loads

Safety in cargo handling using new, advanced forklifts

Prompt payments

Insurance for all transported goods



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Offices in Ioannina: Thesi Vrisi Kardamitsia, 45500

26510 42227, 26510 42997

Athens branch: Agias Annis 50, 11855

210 342 4372

Thessaloniki branch: Thesi Piritsa ME.K.EL, 570 09

231 075 5071